The competitive classes are for athletes looking to take their training to a higher and more practical level. The High Performance program provides a pathway to compete at a local, Provincial, National, International or Olympic level. Our classes are geared towards competition and in all we provide a safe, fun, highly skilled and demanding environment.

Sparring competition is divided by age and skill level and is open to all ages from as young as six. It is safe for kids and adults alike with modified rules for all age groups and skill levels. Test your Martial Arts and see how capable and confident you are.  Athletes will be provided with knowledge in the areas of:

  1. Footwork
  2. Basic strategy
  3. Competition conditioning
  4. Maximization of speed, power, and endurance
  5. Set up of techniques

Sport Poomsae is a wonderful sport that can be practiced as a team and/or individual sport. It’s one of the safest sports available, helps maintain mental and physical fitness, and is great for all ages. Opportunities for winning Gold are real with proper training and hard work, but the benefits practice brings is perhaps the greatest reward. Some people use Sports Poomsae competition as motivators to practice. Others have dreams of winning Gold at the World Championship Competitions. People enter into Sport Poomsae from all walks of life, at all ages, for a variety of reasons with one thing in commom – a love and passion for Taekwondo.