Master Khamsouk has been a much-loved Instructor since 1995 where he first started teaching Taekwondo under the guidance of Master Sai Visouvath (Founder/Head Instructor of Tristar Taekwondo). In 1996 he was the first junior athlete from Ontario to compete at the 1st World Junior Taekwondo Championships held in Barcelona, Spain. He has also helped to produced numerous provincial & National champions through his systematic training methods of incorporating the principles of sports performance.

He is a dedicated Instructor, and is always looking for ways to improve the learning experience of our students. His experience as an Instructor has included working with students who have a variety of difficulties, including ADHD and Autism. He perpetually strives to ensure students not only learn but enjoy Taekwondo.

Master Khamsouk is a versatile Instructor who is able to teach both children and adults with ease, and focuses on the needs of each student individually. He consistently strives to ensure that the students he teaches have an understanding of the values of Taekwondo; respect, discipline, and attitude, and that they practice these values outside of class time as well.

He firmly believes in the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Taekwondo. He has seen his students develop their muscular strength, muscular endurance and speed through the practice of Taekwondo. He also teaches his students with a strong sense of justice and fairness. Furthermore, his students have enjoyed great flexibility and have found that after Taekwondo training sessions, they feel more relaxed.