The After School Program promotes Homework Tuition, Martial Arts and Social Activities with Friends.

Self defense, discipline, self respect and respect for others are just some of the valuable skills we teach within our active and educational learning environment at our After School Program in Georgetown. We aim to help your child/children achieve their best while relieving you of some of the demands and pressure from work commitments so you can enjoy your family time!

Let us take care of them for a couple of hours after school to ensure they do their homework, get the extra tutoring they may need, give them a healthy snack and then teach them how to protect themselves from bullies with Martial Arts Training. When you’re ready to pick them up after work, everybody is ready to enjoy the rest of the evening together as a family!

FREE Pick Up

We pick up your children from their school. The FREE pick up service is really convenient and parents do not need to worry about how to get their children to us after school. We collect children from the listed schools surrounding our locations where parents can collect them at the end of the day.

Healthy Snacks

A healthy after school snack will be provided for your child. It’s important for active kids to get a nutritional snack between lunch and dinner. We will take care of that for you.

Anti-Bully Lessons

We have an excellent Anti-Bully Program to help your children cope with the daily pressures of school, social groups and modern day problems. Our Instructors are ready to help your child build the self-confidence and other skills required to prevent schoolyard bullying.

Martial Arts Lessons

Martial Arts Lessons are taught by certified Instructors.  Children will be eligible to test when they have met the requirements in accordance to the their belt curriculum. After several months children will receive a new belt and new goals to keep them advancing through our Martial Arts System.