What others are saying.

“Master Robert is a fun and passionate instructor who really cares about his students. Leading by example in areas of respect and positive attitude motivates his class to do the same. My kids have grown a strong connection with Master Robert and have been driven to succeed. It was this strong connection that encouraged us to move our children from another martial arts school, that we liked very much. We are extremely excited for Master Robert’s new school and look forward to many years there.”
– Mario Pasitano

“Master Khamsouk has a true passion for Taekwondo and developing his students. Our daughter Ava has been training for over 3 1/2 years and in 6 months with Master Khamsouk we have seen a high improvement in her conditioning and sparring skills. We are excited with Master Khamsouk’s new training programs and can’t wait to see Ava’s continued development at his dojang.”
– Carol Fantin

We have known Master Khamsouk personally for over 20 years, as a student, instructor and coach. Our son started Taekwondo at the age of 5, a quiet, timid child, but Taekwondo developed him into a now more confident, disciplined young teenager. Master Khamsouk was always encouraging, and understanding to each students different personalities and how to bring out the best in all of them as not everybody learns or is motivated in the same way. Master Khamsouk always gave our son the confidence, and skills to strive to be the best he could be, which our son not only applied to Taekwondo, but in school, other sports and his day to day life.”

– Joan & Travis